Training Information

To meet the Code and gain the Poolmark qualification pools must have appropriately trained and qualified staff called swimming pool technical operators (SPTOs). To show the training required PWTAG has produced a training document. Its syllabus defines the knowledge and onsite skills that lead to competence. Pools themselves can assess staff knowledge against the syllabus, or it can be used as the basis of a training programme.

PWTAG itself does not do the training: that is done by the accredited training organisations. (see registered operators) But staff who go through a PWTAG accredited training programme have the assurance that their staff are trained and qualified to PWTAG standards.

Registered operators

Candidates who become SPTO qualified are entitled to become listed on a SPTO register held by PWTAG. The fee for this is £10 for 5 years and can be paid by the training organisation or the successful candidate. Registration brings benefits to the SPTO of updates from PWTAG, emergency notifications and access to a forum on the website. Registered SPTOs will be reminded prior to the end of their 5-year term that they must update the currency of their qualification. The accredited training organisation, and not PWTAG, will provide updates.

PWTAG Code of Practice – first accredited training organisations

For further information on the courses provided visit their websites: