1 Once you have read all the guidance in this document prepare your submission to PWTAG - this will include:

  • a A letter of intent
  • b Materials to support the course
  • c A statement of how the course will be administered and managed

2 Send copies of these electronically where possible to PWTAG ensuring

  • a Teaching materials are in compliance with CoP
  • b Teaching materials are in compliance with syllabus
  • c That details of how the course is to be delivered, methods, timing and structure are clear
  • d There is a complete list of the Instructors their names and qualifications
  • e That details are given showing how the exam for the SPTO will be administered
  • f The certificate procedures
  • g How updates of course material will be provided
  • h How you will ensure the quality control of the process and delivery

3 This material will be assessed by a panel from PWTAG who will make a judgement as to its suitability and/or will either feedback to you on amendments or changes required or you will be contacted to arrange an assessment meeting. At this meeting, you will be expected to make a presentation to the panel on your course and qualification and take questions from them on the course or delivery.

PLEASE NOTE: there is a fee for this assessment process, and that prospective training organisations should contact PWTAG office for further details.