The structure of the courses

The structure of the courses indicates how the programme of the study should be organised.
The course will cover as a minimum the essential topics as outlined in the PWTAG syllabus. Providers must provide details of their syllabus if it has extra elements.
The courses will be based on:

  • The PWTAG book, Swimming Pool Water: treatment and quality standards for pools and spas,
  • The PWTAG Code of Practice and
  • PWTAG technical notes on

Other training materials may be used by prospective course providers, but if so providers will provide details of their training materials.

The principal aim is to operate plant to maintain the quality of the water and take emergency action.

PWTAG Approved Training Organisations are required to meet the requirements and intent of the PWTAG code of practice. To become an Approved Trainer Organisation a prospective training body must be able to demonstrate that they can meet the requirements for:

  • course content – syllabus
  • course materials
  • course length
  • instructor qualifications
  • exam administration
  • certificate procedures
  • updates of information as changes are made

Course providers will provide details of the amount of time required either in study or direct contact terms allocated to cover each of the essential topics in the syllabus. PWTAG expects that recognised SPTO courses will be provided by blended learning that mixes home study of the PWTAG book with classroom- based education, supported by distance learning that allows students to receive tailored help from tutors – e.g. online forums, video conferencing and internet telephony technology.

Applicants will submit an application to PWTAG for assessment to become a PWTAG Accredited Trainers, in accordance with the criteria given below. An independent panel from PWTAG will judge applications.

There is a £500 fee for assessment, which must be provided with the application.

PWTAG may at its discretion choose to revoke a previously accepted course based upon demonstration of inadequate knowledge or poor performance of its qualified operators, or due cause. PWTAG may also at its discretion require additional operator training or testing.

This section applies to Swimming Pool Technical Operator (SPTO) and On-site Designated Supervisor (ODS) training courses. SPTO and ODS courses may be developed by individuals or organisations who have the necessary expertise in pool facility operation and maintenance and expertise in education or training as evidenced by combined work experience and training. There are specific requirements.

To become a PWTAG Approved Training Organisation course providers shall furnish PWTAG with course instructor information indicating their suitability to provide training. This might include:

  • their expertise in facility operation and maintenance – as evidenced by work experience and/or training
  • evidence of completion of a pool technical training course which at a minimum covers all of the essential topics as outlined in the PWTAG approved syllabus, including passing the final exam
  • evidence of successful completion of a teaching/training/instructor course
  • evidence of successful relevant experience in delivering swimming pool technical training or training in a similar field such as engineering or microbiology
  • details on how support will be provided to students to support their home study and distance learning.

Applicants must follow the procedure outlined in the next and final section, Administration.

This section covers the necessary procedures for administration of the SPTO and ODS courses, exams and certifications.

PWTAG approved training organisation course providers shall provide final exam administration, proctoring and security procedures including:

  • the procedure for the exam
  • the conditions of the exam
  • the marking schedule
  • external assessment of a 10% random sample of scripts by an independent approved authority
  • checking student’s photo identification, to ensure that the individual taking the exam is the same person who is given a certificate documenting course completion and passing of exam and,
  • when the final exam is passed, issuing a qualified certificate.

PWTAG approved training organisation course providers will furnish course certificate information including:

  • procedures for issuing non-transferable certificates to the individuals who successfully complete the course work and pass the final exam
  • instructions for the participant to maintain their originally issued certificate, or a copy thereof, for the duration of its validity
  • procedures for the qualified operator training course organiser to maintain an individual’s training and exam record for a minimum period of five years after the expiration of the individual’s certificate.

The maximum length of validity for an SPTO certificate shall be 3 to 5 years. The Approved Training Organisation determines the actual period of validity.

PWTAG recommend that pool operators are reassessed annually in the work place for competence as a minimum in water testing.

Approved training organisation course providers shall furnish course certificate renewal information including criteria for either:

  • re-examination with a renewal exam that meets the specifications for initial exam requirements and certificate issuance specified in this code
  • or a refresher course with an exam that meets the specifications for the initial course, exam, and certificate requirements specified in this code.

PWTAG approved training organisation course providers shall have procedures in place for the suspension or revocation of certificates. Providers may suspend or revoke an operator’s certificate based on evidence that the operator’s actions or inactions unduly created safety and health hazards. They may suspend or revoke an operator’s certificate based on evidence of cheating or obtaining the certificate under false pretences.

PWTAG may at its discretion choose to rescind a previously recognised certificate of a qualified swimming pool technical operator based upon demonstration of inadequate knowledge, poor performance, or due cause.

1 Once you have read all the guidance in this document prepare your submission to PWTAG – this will include

a A letter of intent

b Materials to support the course

c A statement of how the course will be administered and managed

2 Send copies of these electronically where possible to PWTAG ensuring

a Teaching materials are in compliance with CoP

b Teaching materials are in compliance with syllabus

c That details of how the course is to be delivered, methods, timing and structure are clear

d There is a complete list of the Instructors their names and qualifications

e That details are given showing how the exam for the SPTO and ODS will be administered

f The certificate procedures

g How updates of course material will be provided

h How you will ensure the quality control of the process and delivery

3 This material will be assessed by a panel from PWTAG who will make a judgement as to its suitability and/or will either feedback to you on amendments or changes required or you will be contacted to arrange a assessment meeting. At this meeting you will be expected to make a presentation to the panel on your course and qualification and take questions from them on the course or delivery.