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A pool operator for this category of PWTAG membership is a designated individual or organisation responsible for operating a swimming pool.

PWTAG Pool Operator Membership is your organisation's chance to become part of improving the design, engineering, safety, health and quality of swimming pool operation.

PWTAG leads the UK in driving the improvement and professionalism of swimming pool design, operation and the swimming pool sector's emplyees, pool operators and aligning its work with industry in Europe and beyond.

As a pool operator member organisation you wil contribute by providing input to and working alongside our industry organisation partners to develop the standards for the sector. These standards are the benchmark for the development of future swimming pool design and operation.

Do you qualify for membership?

If you meet these criteria then please provide the following information by filling in the details below

Name and description of the organisation

Organisation contact information for a "key contact" person as your organisation for PWTAG to contact as needed

Identification of number of facility sites (swimming pool sites) 20 sites max for each swimming pool operator member

Subscription fee
The annual subscription to show support to PWTAG and the standards we set is £250 per annum per 20 sites