Accident leaves 14-year-old fighting for his life

A teenager was left fighting for his life after his intestines were sucked out by the filter of a swimming pool.

The 14-year-old became trapped in the purifier of his local pool and was unable to free himself because of the force of the suction.

His intestines were then horrifically sucked out, causing him serious injuries and requiring a lifesaving operation.

The boy was taken to a hospital in La Fe, Valencia, and is still in the intensive care unit.

The boy was enjoying a swim in the pool of a private leisure centre in Carpesa, Valencia when the accident happened at 9.30pm.

The emergency services rushed to the scene and freed the youngster who was then taken to hospital. He underwent a four-hour life-saving operation in La Fe hospital in Valencia and is still in the intensive care unit. It is understood he is now out of danger.

The boy had been attending swimming lessons and according to witnesses, he and some of the other children had stayed behind afterwards to play in the water.

It is thought the youngsters lifted the purifying vents off and then sat on them.

It is believed that the fourteen-year-old was playing in the water when sat on one of the filters in the pool.

A trainer on the scene turned hero by jumping into the water to save the boy, whilst ordering the mechanism to be switched off.

Other helpers dived under the water where the boy was submerged to breath oxygen into his lungs, according to Valencian newspaper Levante. “He was only under the water and trapped for seconds until the purifier was turned off but it seemed like hours,” a witness told the paper. An investigation is being carried out by the Civil Guard but all the indications suggest the accident was a direct result of a deadly game.


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