Hot Tubs for Business

It's the first of three spa books PWTAG will publish over the next year. The other two will concern 'commercial spas' and 'domestic spas'.

Hot Tub for Business

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Hot Tubs for Business is the necessary guide for owners and operators of hot tubs when they're being used as part of a business. Specifications and management are dealt with decisively and clearly. This is the book needed to avoid significant pitfalls and problems.

Produced by the uniquely independent Pool Water Treatment Advisort Group. PWTAG: over 20 years of definitive guidance and standards.


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Snice there have been a number of outbreaks, including fatalities, linked to hut tubs in holiday park rental units, hotel bedrooms, holiday lets, on hire and even on display, PWTAG judged Hot Tubs for Business to be the one to get out first.

This book is draws on the guidance in HSG282 but supplemented by the expertise represented in this group - and presented in the clear and definitive fashion that the many thousands of readers of PWTAG's Swimming Pool Water have appreciated over the years.

Another operating, or contemplating installing hot tubs as part of a business activity will need this book if they want to be both safe and up-to-date with the latest guidance.