SPATEX 2019 - The Pool, Spa & Wellness Show - Tuesday 29th January - RICOH ARENA - Coventry

Let’s talk SPATEX 2019

Hot Tubs for Business

Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG) Seminar,

SPATEX 2019, Thursday 31st January.

Ericsson Exhibition Hall, Ricoh Arena, Coventry, CV6 6GE



1015 -1045

Hot Tubs for Business – why you need the PWTAG publication

Janice Calvert, Chair PWTAG

Domestic style hot tubs - perhaps poorly designed, installed, maintained or inappropriately used – can be lethal. In addition to the risk of drowning they can cause potentially fatal legionnaires’ disease, as well as skin and other infections.


The hot tub market has grown exponentially in recent years. It is the most frequent requirement in internet searches for holiday accommodation. The suppliers of holiday accommodation be it hotel room, chalet or caravan must choose, install and maintain their hot tubs appropriately and have a legal duty to do so. Janice will lead you through the use of hot tubs for business and outline the legal duties


1100 - 1130

Planning, design and installation of hot tubs– getting it right

Dr John V Lee, Public Health Microbiologist & PWTAG Technical Adviser

Starting from examples of the potentially tragic consequences of failures in tub design and management, John will outline the science underlying good hot tub design and testing by the manufacturer. Then he will address the questions - Is a hot tub suitable for your purposes? Where will you site it? How will you install it?. How should you commission it?



Operation of Hot Tubs in Business

Howard Gosling, Pool and Spa Advice

Getting it right and avoiding infectious outbreaks is a must for the hot tub business operator. Howard will guide you through the operational essentials to minimise the risk of infections and threat of prosecution



Understanding and optimization of filtration systems in pools using particle counting

Dr Martin Wood, Pool Sentry Ltd

Results from a range of examples of sand filters in action in commercial pools will be discussed highlighting the wide range of filter performance. The talk will introduce ideas on how information on circulation and filtration can be combined to provide valuable performance indicators that have, up till now, been just theoretical rather than practical tools.



Hot tubs from the business perspective

Ruth Hollins, Head of Health and Safety, Center Parcs

Center Parcs operates and maintains significant numbers of hot tubs within their parks. In their business thee is no room for mistakes or coming second best. Ruth Hollins, the Health and Safety Manager for Center Parcs will describe how they have structures the growth area of their operation and how they manage hot tub health and safety for success and guest satisfaction.


1445 - 1515

Training hot tub operators

Mike Shuff, PWTAG Training Forum

All individuals carrying out the maintenance of hot tubs in business, be it a hotel, holiday park, caravan site or tub for hire etc. must be adequately trained in order to become and maintain competence. The speaker will describe their experience of training hot tub operators / technicians.

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